VIP Matrix + Summer Sizzlers

VIP Matrix

Enter the VIP Matrix on Devilfish Poker. Each month we have a matrix of prizes to win, all you have to do is earn a minimum amount of VIP Points for a number of days in the month. The more points you earn and the more days you play, the bigger your prize! Requirements start as low as just 15 VIP Points on 12 days during the month which will win you a seat in an exclusive 3,000 Freeroll. Our biggest players who earn 550 VIP Points per day for 29 days of the month will win an EMOP Package worth 2,000.

Enter The VIP Matrix

Daily VIP-requirements
123,000 freeroll seat5,000 freeroll seat7,000 freeroll seatEntry to 100k GTD (200)
293,000 freeroll + 105,000 freeroll + 257,000 freeroll + 50EMOP Package (2,000)


Only one prize can be won by each player, counting the Daily VIP-requirements firstly and the number of days secondly. For example if a player earns 15 VIP 29 days and 50 VIP 15 days he will get the 5,000 freeroll seat.

Freeroll Schedule


Matrix 3,000 Freeroll 5th of September 19:15
Matrix 5,000 Freeroll 5th of September 20:15
Matrix 7,000 Freeroll 5th of September 21:15

Please Note: The players that have qualified for the freerolls will be automatically registered to the tournament they have qualified for at least 24 hours in advance. Players who are not present for the first 20 minutes are automatically removed from the tournament.

*The 100k Guarantee is run the 4h of September. If a player wins the EMOP Package he or she can choose between EMOP Barcelona and 1,500 in cash.


Summer Sizzlers!

Devilfish Poker is setting the poker world alightin August with over 35,000 in freerolls! Everyday in the month of August we will be hosting a 1,200 Freeroll to celebrate the sunny summer season. The tournaments are free to enter butthey will fill up fastsoregistration doesn'topen until one hour before theystart. These tournaments will be white hot so put on your sun screen and get your seat!



1,200 Freerolls every day in August at18:15/19:15 CET

Each freeroll will have a maximum of 2,000 players there will prizes paid to the top 300

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