Pokerfest II


Pokerfest is back and even bigger than before!

- $3.5 million guaranteed prize pool
- $1 million main event
- 47 tournaments and multiple side events to suit every player
- Jackpot prizes that include $50,000 cash, iPads, iPods and a WSOP* package

Starts: 22nd April, 2012

Ends: 6th May, 2012

The first Pokerfest was one of the most epic poker festivals in our history. So successful that the only way to bring it back was by making it even bigger! And that's exactly what we've done, adding $500,000 to the prize pool as well as an irresistible $14,000 WSOP 2012 package.

The full Pokerfest II lowdown

Pokerfest II will feature 47 main tournaments, leading up to the headline $1 million main event on 6th May.

There is also a fantastic selection of side events and leaderboards. Here are just a few of the highlights you can't afford to miss:

Event #47 - $1 million guaranteed main event - $640 buy-in (qualify from $1)
Event #23 - $350,000 guaranteed - $215 buy-in (qualify from $2.50)
Event #2 - $2,000 prize pool - 20 points buy-in
Event #46 - $50,000 guaranteed - $33 buy-in

Click the tabs above to fully discover the amazing schedule we've put together for Pokerfest II. Secure your entry to Pokerfest II by:

  • Checking out the leader boards
  • Qualifying for satellite to the biggest events
  • Taking down extra prizes in our phenomenal array of side events

Pokerfest II it's going to rock the poker world even harder so make sure you're a part of it.


$50,000 Pokerfest II Leader Boards

There are three separate leader boards covering each buy-in level. Prove you're one of our top players and you could earn a nice bit of extra cash:

Points buy-in:

  • $2,500 prize pool
  • Places paid = 250
  • Winner's prize = $250


Low buy-in ($6-$33)

  • $15,000 prize pool
  • Places paid = 500
  • Winner's prize = $1,250


High buy-in ($55 and above):

  • $32,500 prize pool
  • Places paid = 500
  • Winner's prize = $2,500


Here's how Pokerfest II leader boards work:

Just play in as many Pokerfest II events as possible to climb the leader boards.

We'll calculate your place on the leader board using a special formula(?Buy-in/2 + ?wins) that takes into account the level of tournament you've bought in to and where you finished in the tournament.


Pokerfest II Jackpots

  • Win any three Pokerfest II tournaments = $20,000 + WSOP* 2012 package worth $14,000
  • Final table in any 10 Pokerfest II tournaments = $15,000 + iPad
  • Final table in any five Pokerfest II tournaments = $7,500 + iPad
  • Finish in the money in any 20 Pokerfest II tournaments = $5,000 + iPad
  • Finish in the money in any 10 Pokerfest II tournaments = $2,500 + iPad


Daily Dollar side events

Every day during Pokerfest II we will be running two $1 buy-in tournaments at 13:45 ET and 16:00 ET but be warned every tournament has a twist! Make sure you check the lobby each day for full details.


Qualify from just $1!

We want everyone to be a part of Pokerfest II so we've lined up a number of fantastic qualifying routes so you can qualify for a fraction of the main buy-in.

What's more, our qualifiers allow you to buy into any event for that value. That means if you qualify for a $99 buy-in you can take your pick of any of the $99 events.

Download Party Poker


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