Majors Summer Series


When? 23rd June to 31st August

What? Two weekly leaderboards for our Majors tourneys (one for $20 and below buy-ins, one for $20+ buy-ins)

And what can I win? Our best Majors leaderboard players will win a share of $50,000 worth of free Majors tickets

The partypoker Majors are the very best tournaments we have to offer and now we've added an extra $50,000 in free tickets to the mix.

Starting 23rd June, we'll be running two weekly leaderboards, one for $20 and below buy-ins and one for $20+ buy-ins. Rank in the top 100 tourney players at the end of the week and free tickets to upcoming Majors will be your reward.

There's $5,000 up for grabs each week, meaning we'll be paying out an impressive $50,000 worth of free tickets to our best Majors regulars during this Summer Series.

Here's how we'll pay out the prizes each week:


This summer, it really will pay to go deep in the partypoker Majors! No opt in required, just start playing our Majors and climb the leaderboards. Check your account to see your current standing.

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