100K Knock'em Down


Now evenBiggerandEasier to win
Stay in the RedKings Top 60 for 5 consecutive days and you win.


Sounds Easy?

The Challenge

Objective 1:Get on to the Top 60 Chart (YES, you can enter whenever you want and how many times you want)
Objective 2:Stay on the list for the following 4 days
Do both and you WIN!
After you win do it for another 5 consecutive days and win again!



Leaderboard:Every day RedKings will publish a top 60 Leaderboard (chart) for players who collect most points from the previous day.
Note! Tournament points count as half.

Day 1:Get on to the Leaderboard - The most important thing is to get on to the chart, the higher you get on the chart the more money you will earn.

Days 2 5:Stay on the Leaderboard - Most important is to stay on the Leaderboard. If you do not stay on the Leaderboard, even for one day, you lose and have to start again.
If you stay on the Leaderboard for the full 5 consecutive days You win from each position you achieve. Then you can start again to win more money.



These are special days during the month when your daily winnings will be doubled during Double days and Tripled during Triple days. For instance, if you finish first on the 14th of April your normal prize of $300 will be doubled to $600.


Remember you only win this money if you complete the challenge of staying on the Top-60 for 5 consecutive days. You only win the money from those 5 consecutive days and not for other days on the Top-60.

*You should register on the site to participate




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