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5d 5c 5s 5h 8d
Four of a Kind, Fives

Qh Qc Qs 8c 8h
Full House, Queens over Eights

Jh Js Jd 4d 4c
Full House, Jacks over Fours

9d 9c 9h Qh Qs
Full House, Nines over Queens

9h 9c 9s Tc Th
Full House, Nines over Tens

Team Comment Wall

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Netko3 posted on Aug 10th 2011 ...

ok, i will play for this team but i must ask something. is the same rules for everybody? i see that Purplez don't play. I likes team where rules is the same for ala players.

mothersquatch posted on Aug 9th 2011 ...

I had a thought on how to change the team competition that your team might like, take a look at my idea & leave a comment..

Netko3 posted on Aug 9th 2011 ...

i play for another team now, but give me a one day and i tell you my decsion.

testfakenick posted on Aug 6th 2011 ...

damn...somehow missed netko asking for a slot. It was consensus that i make space if someone active applies. so netko if you follow here, feel free to ask again.

testfakenick posted on Aug 3rd 2011 ...

yes, not much that you can do here, when playing in different currencies. The hint from the blog to set the auto top-up trigger to sth. like 80% of your usual buy in should help to keep the loss small.

MasaKrisT posted on Aug 3rd 2011 ...

Yeah, problem is that on NL20 is only 1-2 active tables on $ ,everything else is euro or gpb. Maybe I will go to ongame network, but you will know first.

NinjaZ666 posted on Aug 2nd 2011 ...

I allready heard about very high conversion rates, the only thing we can do is avoiding tables with different currencies.. :/

Sorry but we're currently full, but u can allways ask again if you see an empty slot.

MasaKrisT posted on Aug 2nd 2011 ...

what do you think about this guys?

How much did I lost over 60 000 hands on NL20 due to conversion? I mean action is on GPB and EUR tables only, and my acc is in $.

Netko3 posted on Aug 2nd 2011 ...

hello again, call u tell me yes or no?

Netko3 posted on Jul 27th 2011 ...

Hello, if u need a new player for next month let me know. I play for chatran team now and in 12 days i maked over 4000 RH.

ToniCash76 posted on Jul 11th 2011 ...

Hi all, i can you give better than 40% rakeback, write me an email: franco.c1976@yahoo.de

testfakenick posted on Jul 4th 2011 ...

grad eben ;)

NinjaZ666 posted on Jul 4th 2011 ...

lol bisher keine fantasypunktevergabe trotzdem instant von #1 auf #51 geshuffled...
was hier los? :D

@testf.. wann bist ma wieder in skype on?^^

testfakenick posted on Jun 27th 2011 ...

Hi MasaKrisT, actually your good contribution is highly appreciated. Good Volume. Wish you all the best for your exams.

MasaKrisT posted on Jun 26th 2011 ...

Hi guys, I am little inactive last two weeks, actually playing just 4-5000 hands per week, beacuse of my college exams, hope it's not problem, next week I am back. Axiom powa!

NinjaZ666 posted on Jun 14th 2011 ...

hmm.. top5 könnte drin sein oder? :D

Filocarp0 posted on Jun 12th 2011 ...

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dasen_split posted on Jun 12th 2011 ...

gl at thursday that is :)

dasen_split posted on Jun 12th 2011 ...

we where in 15 place at the end,nice...congratulations to the keeper he was the best ;) and gl to all tomorrow...

testfakenick posted on Jun 11th 2011 ...

If you don't make more than 200 nibs every week, the 190% boost looks like a very decent rate already. If you exceed 200 nibs every week, contact support and they might set it bit higher.

MasaKrisT posted on Jun 10th 2011 ...

Thank you for accepting me into team:) I hope I'll try not to bust and do as much volume as I can.. One question, is your percentage booster set to 190% too and is it possible to increase it and how?:)

testfakenick posted on Jun 10th 2011 ...

Yes, I fully agree with this. Glad the pre-elimination rounds are over. These tourneys somewhat pissed me off with the slow structure that somewhat led to a quite nitty game overall. I think I had 3 final tables, yet hardly any winnings. Think it was the same feel with everyone else. Sitting 4 hours on a tourney to win 40 cents isn't fun. So now let's focus on the goal we really want to reach. We got a good and stable team going on, and i believe we just saved the best for last. Let's take it down.

SUPERBRA1N posted on Jun 9th 2011 ...

hi masakrist!

@ 5-a-side team:
well done, there are good chances to stay top 20. Finally these 8 tournaments are done, im glad that its over... horrible continuing bad luck. hope there is a substantial change in the finals concerning this matter. and maybe finally someone will make a deep run? incredible that we haven´t placed better thn #7 in over all 40 tournaments.

dasen_split posted on Jun 9th 2011 ...

how did all u score today?I won 12points,,,hope we stay at least in the teams that go direct to to semi finals..

Zoltan1972 posted on Jun 8th 2011 ...

hello masakris

welcome to our team. i wish you good luck and alot of fun at the tables!
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