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Looking for players for friendship, respect and indeed poker and more poker.

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9h 9c 9d Tc Th
Full House, Nines over Tens

As Ks Qc Js Td
Ace High Straight

5h 4d 3c 2h Ad
Five High Straight

Qd Qh Qs Td 3d
Three of a Kind, Queens

3s 3d 3c 5c 2d
Three of a Kind, Threes

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Calmheho posted on Apr 4th 2009 ...

I'm in tommorow's PI Player freeroll plus the Silver freeroll, if I do good in both you all can count on me to play more this month and bring us a team fantasy freeroll next month. Keep up the good work mates.

Calmheho posted on Mar 29th 2009 ...

Good luck for your Sunday's games guys.

Calmheho posted on Mar 21st 2009 ...

lol, okay. Hope you'll start on Monday then, I'm not sure why but I'm very determined those last days :-)

karmazavr posted on Mar 17th 2009 ...

Good ;-) I need 2-3 more days to complete my 300VVP, and i'll start )

Calmheho posted on Mar 17th 2009 ...

Hey, do you know we were close to hit the jackpot? We were very close to that royal flush of spades, just look at our hands lol. Good luck at your games.

karmazavr posted on Mar 11th 2009 ...

i need to make one more 300 ViP points on Pokerstars, so when i'll do it i'll begin playing on betmost )

Calmheho posted on Mar 9th 2009 ...

Hi, no problem. Just keep working hard, the RH will come. If you don't have a bankroll keep be into the PI freerolls, we never know... :-)

karmazavr posted on Mar 9th 2009 ...

Hello ;-) RH got zero :( Was 1.800 on other team :(

Calmheho posted on Mar 2nd 2009 ...

Thanks for the invitation but I can't because I have 3-6 friends who will join PI via me and also my team too, so we'll see.

mothersquatch posted on Mar 2nd 2009 ...

1 spot left!!! The 4 new members that have joined us this month have a total combined rh's greater than the team's totals...and think of it, if you hadda been with us last month, our combined totals woulda put us in 6th ....something to think about, I can only wait for soo long...

mothersquatch posted on Mar 1st 2009 ...

Calmheho, you're here by yourself, you seem active in both the forums and at the tables, how'd ya like to put those RH's to good use with a team that has 8 active members??? Take a look at The "EH" Team, if you want I've got a spot for someone who'll put in an effort this month! Or drop me a email (mothersquatchs.eh.team@gmail.com ) & I can hook you up with the PW!

Calmheho posted on Feb 25th 2009 ...

Well, to all new members joining the team, I strongly suggest you to sign up via Pokerinside for either BetMost or Fat Bet Poker. Play real money there so that we have a chance to win something for the whole team. That's what I'm trying very hard daily, for us!!! Good luck.

mario21zg posted on Feb 24th 2009 ...

i am new heare can you describe me how it works
Displaying #26-38 of 38 total comments First Previous  1 2 

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