Apr 10th 1986 
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Feb 4th 2008
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I am normal guy, who likes poker and girls :P And i dont like when people are cruel and not honest, if you want to know more about me just ask allways we be helpful for everyon! ;)

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Texas Hold'em 
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No Limit 
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Well of course poker gave me more experience. When i played in free roll I understood that if you want to win there you have to be patience, and if you lose for someone who played very weak cards, i just say yees it free roll there people are not so msart like in cash games or in tournaments with higher buy in, When i play in multitable tournament, then game is eassier because it is eassier to understand players, but of course very much depends and on what soft you play. When i played in Triobet poker, i was like crashed by cards which i get on the flop or river, there very often wins weak player because of that flops. In triobet as I see are very much str8 and flush, believe it is!!!! There are so often suited flop cards that it is just unbelievible. When i started to play in poker Stars, i have seen really nice game and good soft. There win who and should win. Of course sometimes you get bad beat, but not so often like i had in triobet :/ So i could write and write about my experience, but i will say later if someone will want something my advice or something else.