Sep 27th 1988 
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Jan 19th 2008
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Hi i love to play poker i can whenver i can im really good at bluffing i will out bluff you dont worry. Im a hard player i love to face players one on one, so lets see what this website can do for me hopefully make me a better player. I played on other sites but i didnt like them i would always loose on some bull crap but hey thats poker what can i say!

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Texas Hold'em 
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No Limit 
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My best poker experience was when i was playing poker with a couple friends of mine 50$ buy in there was about 10 of us and its last three players and i have AJ suited(s) vs QJ(d) suited and KK suited flop was K(s) 3(s) A(d) i was in middile posision so my buddie went first with the KK and he pushes all in, the QJ folds i was going to call for sure i was like i have top pair and a flush draw what an he have thats better... he shows me KK he has trips im was like damn, i can still win next card 9(s) i was like yes i won got the flush the river card (K) he gets four of a kind and i loose:( was a good game