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I am handicapped and it is hard to come up with money to enter into these contests in these rooms. I have to try and play freerolls to build my bankroll. These daily tournaments will help me greatly already got a 6th place and got $6 added to my cd poker account. There is really no way I can get the points needed from these sites to win into greater tournaments I have to do it through sattelites. But this will not keep me down I have already at Mansion Poker won all the way to the final table to winning a trip to vegas for the Poker Dome Tournament. Had to win a $2 satelite which got me in a $11 sattelite tourney which got me into a $60 sattelite tourney which got me to the final table. Winning all the way. So this sponsorship you have here is going to be great for me when I show you all just what I can do. I also am in the final table to the ICC tourney for a trip on a carribean cruise. This tournament isnt until December. So I have alot going for myself and I dont let my handicap keep me down. Watch for me at the final table everywhere you go lol. Mugg59 ps you had to have 6 letters in the name but most sites I appear as mug59 see you there. Won a trip to the WSOP 2007 from $12,500 package.

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WSOP 2007