Would you fold AA preflop ?

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Posted on Jun 17th 2009
i cant fold AA preflop never
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Posted on Jun 21st 2009  -  Subject: AA
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Posted on Jul 10th 2009
i fold QQ , JJ , but never AA :))) need fold
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Posted on Jul 20th 2009
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Posted on Oct 9th 2009
In cash games you never have to fold AA preflop. In sng and tournaments there is a very particular case in wich is recomended to fold AA: Supose the following scenario: There are 5 players and 4 prizes Blinds 2000/4000                         Hand SB: Player A: 2000 chips BB: Player B: 10000 chips CO:Player C: 4000 chips BU: Hero: 100 chip                         AsAh   Actions: CO: All In: 4000 BU: FOLD   There the best move is to fold, because is very likely that at least one player will be eliminated, so we can win a prize. If the player call it is useless even if he win, because he have so few chips compared to the blinds and to the rest of the players.      
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Posted on Oct 27th 2009
Pre flop? :D Are you drunk? :D:D
NEver say NEVER!
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Posted on Nov 22nd 2009
i would never fold that but i have lost that hand heaps to lol
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Posted on Dec 9th 2009
to fold AA at the end of tournament on a bubble period sometimes pays out, because you never know when the old good badbeat is comeing home :)
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Posted on Dec 11th 2009
your aces decission was wrong, imagine bringing the cl to a 30 k stack, and 7 players remaining, it was like, ok go for all the money or go broke, hmmmmz with aces? hell yeah, now i've folded aces once, really donky fish player against me, all in hand after hand, he was winning liek crazy, 1 player to the money, about 30 dollars, but i was at the beggining, it would of been a big win for me, tree other players go all in and i am the last to act, put all of them on a pocket pair, :)) one has to hit, and it did hit, and my aces would of cost me the cash prize wich became bigger , seen it to this year on w.s.o.p. , why give up the chance to win 20 k for a pair of aces, so fold aces in the right spot , there are some .  
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Posted on Dec 22nd 2009
1 vs 1 i will never fold it but against 3 or more other players, normally you loose 90% (not the right percentage, but it is so in real)  
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