What ARE the better pocket cards near the button?

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Question: Please help with the above!!??

1. A K off
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3. K J off
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4. 7 / 8 / 9 suited
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5. WHY!!!! 6 6 beats J J (for me anyway?)
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6. WHO IS HE!!!!!!????
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8. EXECUTION! (legal?)
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9. " " ! (illegal?)
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10. IF he does it to you....TRIANGULATE.... we'll catch him in the end!
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Posted on Oct 30th 2006  -  Subject: What ARE the better pocket cards near the button?
1/ A K off suit OR LOW PAIR??? 2/ K J off suit OR 7 / 8 / 9 suited??? 3/ J J OR 6 6??? (Personally, I do better 75-80 percent of the time with 6 6!!!?? 4/ WHO IS the swine who follows me from table to table and calls my life-bloody-savings, with a 9 4 off, and I'holding pocket rockets??.....and beats me every time!!!!???? And 4b/ Is it legal to have them 'HIT' ???
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Posted on Nov 1st 2006
Has anyone ever told you, that you leave quite strange posts? I can't seem to work out if you are really asking a serious question, or just typing random thoughts. The title to your post looks really good, but the rest could use a little grammar adjustments. In an attept to answer your possible question, I believe that there are many cards that you could play near the button...that is on the right side of the button....hmm nope sorry I tried to answer your question, but I'm finding it too difficult to work out what it is you are asking. Sorry. Spend more time learning how to write your thoughts than watching football and I'll try again later when you've prepared yourself. And for those Grammar teachers out there "tisking" my writings...yes I know...my work is shocking isn't it :)
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Posted on Nov 3rd 2006
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Posted on Nov 8th 2006
U never know until see the flop!!!! thx ---------
U called me with that hand???!!???!
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Posted on Nov 11th 2006
love pair ... y like this cards ...
Somebody stop me !
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Posted on Nov 12th 2006
near the button i like the suiteds conectors.. but when i see the beautifuls A in my hand.. i apreciate too
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Posted on Nov 12th 2006
AK is good enough to put pressure on limpers or even a raiser! KJ
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Posted on Nov 13th 2006
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