What are perfect times to bluff?

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Posted on Jan 21st 2007  -  Subject: What are perfect times to bluff?
I've been playing live poker for quite awhile and online poker not too long. But one part of my game that needs work is bluffing. Can someone give me advice on how and where to bluff. About how much of the pot should I bet while bluffing? Should I ever risk my whole stack in order to work out a bluff? Thanks guys.
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Posted on Jan 22nd 2007
Bluffing is, like most things in poker, dependant on a large number of factors, such as position, your knowledge of your opponents, stack sizes, what stage of the tournement you are at etc. In general, I would not try a bluff against more than 2 players and preferably it would be against one only. I would also prefer to be in late position. How much I bet will depend, amongst other things, on whether I am making a complete bluff or a semi -bluff, how much is in the pot, how many chips I have and my opponent has, and what cards are on the table. As an example, if the flop contained 2 cards of the same suit, and I had raised pre-flop with, say, AK of the same suit, I might make a pot sized bet to give the impression that I had a pocket pair rather than a flush draw. If there were no obvious straight or flush draws I might only bet 1/2 to 2/3 of the pot. The most important factor is your read on the other players - if you know that a player will only play premium starting hands, you are the small blind and he is the big blind, and there is nobody else in the pot, a standard raise of 3-4 times the big blind is going to work nearly every time. If you get called or re-raised you can let it go. As an example of a bluff which went wrong, I was on the button and decided to try to steal the blinds so I raised to 3x big blind with J4. The small blind folded but the big blind called. The flop came J 4 8 and the big blind bet out with a pot sized bet. I thought that I was ahead so I re-raised. He re-raised all in and I called. He had 5 6, ie nothing but a gut shot draw so I was miles ahead until a 7 came on the turn! I was out of a tournement that I had spent an hour and a half building up a decent stack in because I tried to steal the blinds!
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Posted on Jan 22nd 2007
good post mate.
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Posted on Jan 23rd 2007
Excellent post by Greenman... as he said a lot of factors have to be take in consideration when deciding if its the time to bluff or not. lets add a bit of info about the type of bluffs you can make. Cause you always have to have a reason to bluff and, the most important, a plan!!! Not just... well I have the feeling I can take the pot here!!! Most common type of bluff, Continuation Bet: Easy you are the preflop raiser, you simply lead the flop!!!! I would say half of the time you missed the flop its a good thing to throe a bet from half to full size of the pot. Be careful to make the same kind of bet you would have made if you hit. If you have a weak draw to a very strong hand (example Belly buster) it might not be the right time to bluff. Especially if you have position on your opponent.... if you throw a cont. bet and he raise you!!!! you might be forced to fold it. Delayed Continuation bet: You raised pre-flop in position. Your opponent checks - you check.... He then checks the turn!!! He checked twice in a row!!!!! Now you have to take a stab at this pot! Phantom draw: (I think Harrington call it the back alley mugging) Your opponent bet the flop and it might look like a cont. bet... you decide to call cause you caught a piece of it... (gutshot, mid pair, FD, etc) Turn card is a scary card for your opponent... (over card, 3rd flush, 3rd str8, pair the board) You change your attitude. If you checked call the flop... Now you lead... if you called the flop now you raise. Of course you cant abuse this type of bluff... especialy if you got caught bluffing lately. Sqeeze play: IN opposition at any other kind of bluff, this one works better with 2-3 opponents.... even more... Pref lop a loose player raise from EP... Got a call - 2 call - 3 call.... You know these callers probably did cause they know, just like you, that the raiser has no legitimate raising hand. They have a hand to call this, but probably not a re-raise... You raise the pot (big raise) from late position!!!! I suggest to do this bluff only with really weak hands! (silly eh : )) Cause if you have a legitimate hand, like 87s, 77, Axs, you might be in good position to win a big pot here... flat call and play your hand as it supposed to be played. Those are my favorites tools.... a very important thing to remember when you play poker is to mix your game!!! If you use the phantom draw every time you have the occasion too or if you raise from LP every time a raise got 2-3 calls!!! You'll get burn! Most important your bluff have to fit your image and the betting pattern... if you normally slow play when you hit a flush(wich is not good but) and now you decide to raise cause a 3rd club hit the turn!?!?! I'll call you!!! And remember when you get caught bluffing pretty hard! stay calm until they break the table!!! ; ) KJ
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Posted on Jan 23rd 2007  -  Subject: Thanks Man
Great post.... loved the text...
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Posted on Jan 28th 2007
The main thing to think about is simple. Do you think the other player(s) got something they can call you with? If you sense weakness you can bet. There are of course many other factors involved but that's the main thing to think about. Don't risk youre hole chipstack to make a "sick bluff" where your opponent got a very decent hand. Make bluffs at pots that is easy to win.
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Posted on Jan 28th 2007
Hey, I play mostly freerolls or cheap buy ins at pokerstars/ FTP, but it is not too hard to bluff. You just have to practice and learn when to step off the gas. An example would be when a player puts out a post oak bet, meaning a bet smaller than half the pot. If you are in early position and the button does this on the flop, he either has a draw, a monster or nothing, usually not a monster. If you come over the top and make a bet around what is now the total pot, they may lay their hands down. The other guy who wrote about how situational it is is right. Take awhile and start playing loose aggressive and you will be able to figure out good spots to do this in. L8r, GBU, WG
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