Tourney Time Crisis - Achey Back!!!

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Posted on Oct 14th 2006  -  Subject: Tourney Time Crisis - Achey Back!!!
How do you go sitting down at tourney's for up to 4 hours, any nestling,comforting techniques special coffees/snacks yata yata or is it all in the comfy ChAiR?
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Posted on Oct 15th 2006  -  Subject: Chairs? Ha!
I have sat in the softest chair and added pillows and who knows what else with foam (don't let your mind wander) and my rump roast still aches from time to time. My best technique is to have alot of water at the computer. Drink heaps of it and you'll be running back and forth from the toilet so much you'll not have time to get an achey back. Not to mention the toxins you'll flush out of your system. It does help to have your computer close to the bathroom also cause you still don't want to miss a hand. But if you think you're going to be a bit, sit out a hand or two. NOTHING could be worse than coming back to the computer splashed or worse and someone walking up behind you noticing the unpleasant aroma...I'm getting off track aren't I? Hmm, ok I say train up for the 4 hour sitting marathon by sitting all the time with correct posture. Your body will adjust, and soon there will be little to no pain. Now as to how to beat those 3-5 day marathon tournaments at the Casino's well, I think if your concerned about your physical pain on day 5, the money you have already qualified for will sooth it for you.
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Posted on Oct 15th 2006
I love to have music on when I am playing. It helps to get into a groove.
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Posted on Oct 16th 2006
I tell you something...It is better not to have exagerated confort during a long tourney. I think everybody can figure why. Relax but keep your mind awake !
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Posted on Oct 16th 2006
I agree, plenty of water helps me. I also have one of those big excercise balls I sit on. I use it from time to time which helps my posture. I find poor posture is the cuplrit for me most of the time. I also work out at the gym. I want to keep my energy level up and if I work out in the a.m. I'm usually good for a long stay at the computer. As far as live tourneys go, I will stand up from time to time when I'm not in a hand or when the dealer change occurs. xoxo Blinkygirl
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Posted on Oct 20th 2006
I have to agree on the water thing. It helps with you moving around and gets the blood flowing back in the feet again. There is nothing wrong with having a place to put your feet up either. I have an additon cheep computer chair at my desk that I will put my feet in. This helps you can switch from one cheek to the other this way. Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.
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Posted on Nov 17th 2006  -  Subject: classic crowned king
hes replys are great hes nearly as funny as i am
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