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Posted on Nov 26th 2007  -  Subject: The raise
Before I start, there are some who disagree wholeheartedly with this tactic, but I will try to explain how you can use the min raise or under betting to your advantage. Let's say you're early in a NLHE S+G or ring game. You raise 3X the bb in early position with KK. Flop comes K-x-x. You're first to act. You can trap, setting up a check raise, or you can min raise to pot build and show weakness at the same time. If your opponent fires a re-raise at you, you can then decide if you want to flat call, or re-raise them. Now that you've shown you will min raise with monster post flop hands, that same min raise will now sometimes work as a continuation bet on a missed flop, or allow you to stay in a hand longer with a draw. I don't advise that you should always do this, but there are times against certain aggressive opponents when this tactic works beautifully. The min raise or under betting is very confusing to most in the uber aggressive world of modern poker. Remember that beyond putting your opponent on a hand, what hand are you trying to get that same opponent to put you on? Effectively using the min raise serves many purposes. it's deceptive. It can show weakness when you're strong. It's a cheap way to buy some information. It can build a pot when you're way ahead, or it can slow your opponents down when you're looking to see the turn and riv for cheap, while pot building for when you hit your draw. It's also the minimum risk you can take post flop, that still gives you a chance of winning the pot. I first found myself using this tactic in HU play and ring games, but now it's a tool that I may use at any time. So if you find any truth in this blog, next time you flop a monster, try a min raise and see what happens. You'll be amazed how often your aggressive opponents will re-raise you, and it's a great feeling when an opponent who's practically drawing dead bet's the pot for you (8 Consider this tactic one of the many gears you can use in your game. Keep your play unpredictable. As always know your opponents, and know what they think of you. _________________ patrick watkins
patrick watkins
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Posted on Nov 29th 2007
Interesting read there. Thanks for the information.
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Posted on Dec 4th 2007
i agree with this and at the same time just after you use this min.raise your often able to steel the blind with a min.raise
sometime it`s better be lucky than good
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Posted on Jan 26th 2008
I never thought about how much of the anti I was raising.....I just raise big with big hand..LOL
Don't argue with me...
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Posted on Mar 24th 2008
An interesting post. Will try to use this and see what happens.
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Posted on Mar 26th 2008  -  Subject: hello
teach me something, if you have top pair with kk and kicker 9 don't you go all in ? just to find a k 10 in the oponent hand?if you have flush with q 9 dont you go all in to se that the oponent has k 10     if you again have flush with q 4 don't you go all in just to see that the oponent pops a ace? all in me AJ- him j 5 to see on the river 5 that hand i've experienced in the last week at al the tables and tournaments i've playedshould i stop for a while? 
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Posted on Mar 26th 2008  -  Subject: opinnion
it's a great way of plaing but how you said , just some times , it allways work to have a lot of money at the table and you be the one calling the shots 
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