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Posted on Sep 8th 2008  -  Subject: Strategy question
What strategy could You advice for a 10K GTD tournament with smthing like 70 players remaining, when ITM is 1st 50?
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Posted on Sep 11th 2008
What is your current place? What is your stack size in relation to the blinds? How quickly are blinds increasing? What is your stack size in relation to other players at your table? What image do you have to other players? How loose or tight are the players at your table?   If you're going to ask a strategy question, you  need to provide more information than your initial post.
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Posted on Sep 13th 2008
Dingus is right, the question is to vague.  Add some detail and you will get answers that can help.  
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Displaying #1-3 of 3 total posts