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Posted on Jun 5th 2008  -  Subject: stackguru
Been looking at site last few days and think its a terrific site and can be benificial to alot of us
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Posted on Sep 9th 2008
Have to say I was excited about it, but seems that there isn't much going on there these days.  
ciao for now
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Posted on Feb 10th 2009  -  Subject: stackguru
i think you should organize a tournament stackguru
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Posted on May 22nd 2009
They must have at least one double or nothing videos
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Posted on Jul 3rd 2009
Will there ever be some new videos on StackGuru? If so I would like to see some heads up SNG...
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Posted on Jul 29th 2009  -  Subject: 11
They must have at least one double or nothing videos
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Posted on Dec 21st 2009
the cash videos they have are really good, they really each youhow to study oponents because online this is all you can do, you can't catch a bluff seeing the player you have to catch it knowing him
Displaying #1-7 of 7 total posts