sit 'n go strategy

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Posted on Feb 11th 2007  -  Subject: sit 'n go strategy
I almost never play a sit'ngo tourney. But i ask my self if the strategy is so different as in a normal tourney, and if so how?
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Posted on Feb 12th 2007
all the player´s play more aggressive than at a normal turney...
never too late
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Posted on Feb 12th 2007
Hey.. I have played a bit sit n' go.. And in my opinion, it is a bit different, because of the number of people decreases very fast.. Because of that you have to be a bit more aggresive... enjoy
Good luck at the tables Lucas
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Posted on Mar 1st 2007
Agressive is the word,sit&go"s attract alot of fish ,so your play wil change if playing these!
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Posted on Mar 3rd 2007
I don't really care for sng's too much, they never start with enough chips, I play at the Indian casino in FL and they only start you with1500 and blinds are 50/100 20 min rounds. On the satellites for there bigger tournaments, they start with 1000 chips. I was in one the other day and it is a all-in fest, top 3 get a 350 ticket, 5 to go my KK gets knocked out by K7 suited. I use to like the sng but now I rather play cash games, but I moved to FL and we only have tournaments here
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Posted on Apr 20th 2008
You need to be tight in sit and gos when the blinds are low to preserve your chips for when the blinds are higher.
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Posted on Apr 20th 2008
so if yu don't play sit and gos what kind of tournaments do you like playing.
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Posted on Apr 22nd 2008
I like to play sit n go and mtt to
Let the flop be with you
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Posted on Apr 30th 2008
In sit & go the way to play, in my opinion is tight agressive. Of course you should observe the table and watch how they react on raises and other moves. Every table plays different. About the fish... I agree, but I seem to be very unlucky against those fish... Maybe you'll have more luck!! :D Jakob
I don't want to get in the money, I want to win the tournament!
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Posted on May 7th 2008
My strategy is to play very tight in the begining and more aggresively later in s&g
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Posted on May 9th 2008  -  Subject: sit n goes
 they are actually really good but you cant try and preserve your chips you have to play conservative/aggresive play to come out on top unless you get lucky like i sometimes do. conservative/aggresive meaning that you only play K-J and above with most pocket cards above 8s and when you get these hands you have to play them aggresivly thats what you are meant to do but some people could argue with this but when you play as many sit n goes as me i know a great deal about what it takes to win.  play poker dont let poker play you!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted on May 10th 2008
Yeah in sit and go's depending how fast the blinds go up being agressive is the key
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Posted on May 13th 2008
Depends on total people playing and tablestyle I mostly prevent playing hands in the early fases.. because mostly its very marginal.. only play premiums in early fases.. you'll always get paid. Later in the tournament, if you are still in. Play very agressive, but dont be predictable You'll get much respect in later fases, which makes it easy to steal blinds/pick up the pot
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Posted on May 25th 2008
hi,usually i try to play much hands in the beginning(if the table lets me)from late position,suited cons, 1 gab hope to get lucky and get some chips,if table is agressive play tight ,especially from early pos. and raise enough to not let them draw.around the 50/100 get more agressive,try to steal the blinds,people somehow want to keep there chips at this stage because its going fast down now,so raise alot with prem hands,hit and run :) greetz
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Posted on Jun 8th 2008
I almost never play a sit'ngo tourney. But i ask my self if the strategy is so different as in a normal tourney, and if so how? sit and go is very different 30% now pay instead of 10 or 15 % in mtt you play for top 3 finish so take it easy at the begginning 100% of prize go to top 3 80 % to top 2 50% to top player if you play for top 3 every time you will make a profit you wont get top 3 all the time but is easy to make top 3 most times if you go for the big lead and win you will mess up more often and not make it into the money
sry bout dinner but i won 20 in the tourney
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