QQ folded preflop

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Posted on Mar 30th 2008
Right choice,well played    
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Posted on Apr 13th 2008
with 2 raisers you could get pinned with the bets so fold there ws the right play
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Posted on Apr 14th 2008
After the flop decisions look easy but , what you made was a really good reading , and you have to play percentages not loto guessing , so for that five stars to you ...
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Posted on May 19th 2008
it was for sure a correct choice . your opponent have AA... but you had win a nice pot with JJ, you were in good shape, maybe a rush..So if you would be more confident, you won 15 000 and you would finished in the payment place and not 34 th. But it remains all the way a good laydown .  
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Posted on May 19th 2008
well played. It doesnt matter what happnes in the flop. In that moment you chosee the right decision
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Posted on May 19th 2008
Nice play, a good starting hand is import but most import is the final hand the winning always :)    
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Posted on May 21st 2008
That's a pretty nice fold :) i would never lay that down  lol :D
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Posted on Mar 26th 2009
i never folded QQ pre flop...but if stakc is too low,maybe i would do it
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Posted on Mar 27th 2009
Too sad i got killed by a 2 outer :-( as a 34th (i think) placed.still well done...   making HUGE folds like that only makes you a better player in the long run.   The next tourney you play for that stake you'll do even better!   cheers..Jeff
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Posted on Dec 24th 2009
pro fold, :) bad outcome, i folde kings, there was no reason to risc your chips on some qeens preflop, a call would of been acceptable but after the 3 all ins you would of layed the qeens anyway so good read and good for you for saving your 420 chips
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Posted on Jan 10th 2010
depended by position or how u feel hand
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