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Posted on Jan 15th 2007
whats the best pocket cards to play with online games? Why ask questions that only have one obvisly ansver? Of course 72 is the best NOT sutid. Well you got 2 nibs for the question at least, but I are sure that was the only reason for posting.
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Posted on Jan 16th 2007
For those who don't like AA, i recomended to play black jack. Because if you don't like odds (especially on your side ) then you don't understand the game. If i have 52% of winning and my opponent is pushing me, i go all damn in. Just for the 2% ! THAT is poker ! If you are the 48%, that means you're bluffing, right ? So...Learn odds and go play them. Evreything else is called "bad beat". When people get lucky and say that's poker, they are ridiculous ! They have no clue of the odds before calling or doin all in. I know odds perfectly and i get beated 1 in 5. So if you don't know them, you probably loose 4 in5 games.
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Posted on Jan 16th 2007
good point
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Posted on Jan 17th 2007
Everybody knows the best hands are AA/KK/QQ/AKs/JJ Otherwise I love play with AXs and with small pocket's pairs.
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Posted on Jan 25th 2007
whats the best pocket cards to play with online games? I believe i like the winning once
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Posted on May 1st 2007
I like to have 22 and at the flop 2ak ;o) that's a nice situation
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Posted on May 2nd 2007
It depends if you have pocket cards! If its a low pair you are only infront pre flop or you catch the set! Highpairs are difficult too, if you got set, you got it, but if there is just one overcard you are not sure to hold best hand! Agression pays buddys ;)
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Posted on Apr 20th 2008
The sam as in a live game! AA
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Posted on Apr 30th 2008
I agree about the odds. I read someone said I can fold AA pre-flop... I won't, because AA preflop is statistically the best hand to have and pre-flop you do have the best odds to win. I play to win an tournament, not to get into the money.. So if I have AA and someone forces me to go all in... I will :D  
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Posted on May 14th 2008
AA & KK are the best hand to play!
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Posted on May 17th 2008
It depends on your position and opponents. that's all. There are differences for handselection between LAG and TPA tables.. I mostly limp-call 22-77 on LAG tables and raise 88-AA
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Posted on May 28th 2008  -  Subject: pocket cards
its best to play all of them....
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Posted on Sep 21st 2008
This is, I would say really easy question to answer since everybody knows that pocket aces is the best possible starting hand with best expectation to win. However, when it comes to learning from experience, in online game with AA I won exactly the same amount of money as the one I Iost with the same hand. Now I would say, yes pocket aces is still the best hand but please pray that you hit the set on the flop anyway!!!....just to be sure....although someone could catch runner runner straight or even straight draw on the flop if three high cards turn there...happened to me sometimes...but still better set than pair. 
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Posted on Oct 1st 2008  -  Subject: small ones
AA  ofcourse, but i like the small pairs like22 44 55, because IF you hit our set on the flop and don't raise preflop, you'll win huge pots!!
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Posted on Jan 18th 2010
best pocket cards are medium ones when you hit trips against a monsetr pocket pair, that's why you have to exploit msitakes adn call 3 x max 4 x bb raises and hope to crush someone with your trips ;)
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