Playing Big Slick in Deep Stack Tournaments

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Posted on Nov 22nd 2006
i can lay down top pair top kicker on the flop/4th or 5th street in the early stages of a tournament if i read strength in my opponent, such as calling big bets on the flop and 4th street with no draw on the board but i still have a very tough time laying it down preflop. i never played a true deep stack tournament a 200 freezeout at my local casino was biggest and i plan to play it again soon, would you suggest folding AK to a preflop allin early stages? sorry for the double post: YES fold it! the whole idea of AK is that its a drawing hand! you want to get a look at the cards and THEN decide what you do! going allin preflop with AK is a very very bad idea. calling allin preflop with it is even more foolish: 22 will have over 50% chance of beating you! allin with ak is destroying all its power! remember that next time :)
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Displaying #16-16 of 16 total posts First Previous  1 2