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Posted on Nov 15th 2006  -  Subject: One Question
Hi, im new here, and i would like to know something about the CD POKER. is there HORSE Tournaments? i had just seen NL Hold'em tournaments. (sorry but my english is not to good, but im trying... lol)
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Posted on Nov 15th 2006
No horse MTT on CD... in mainly a NL holdem forum. Some PLO is also available but any other form of poker genarate very low trafic. That said, it a very good sit for Rebuy MTT. KJ
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Posted on Nov 17th 2006
Poker stars have good Horse tournaments. As said previously, CD Poker is mainly the basics.
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Posted on Nov 19th 2006
Yes, there are horse games, however they are pretty slow due to the difficulty in holding cards with hooves so i would avoid them, however octopus games are very fast and always pay up, however be prepared to get a good dose of ink if they get a bad beat.
Displaying #1-4 of 4 total posts