K K all in hand?

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Posted on Jan 18th 2010
KK is all in pre flop always
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Posted on Jan 30th 2010
defenetly, offcourse you can think of throwing kings in thi situation, you raise preety strong in utg and someone after you reraises 3-4 times your raise, if you are deepstacked but he is deeper, you can ither call and see a flop or fold, an all in is a donky play if you ask me
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Posted on Mar 13th 2010  -  Subject: me too
That is an all-inn hand for me!me too allthough online the board hits almost always an A. but in a live game sure!!
OEPS! I'm your huckleberry... thats JUST my game! five hundred.. must be a......peache of a hand....
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Posted on Apr 27th 2010
Allin is a unremovable part of the game.
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Posted on Sep 15th 2010  -  Subject: KK
i hate K K aswell morons call with a 2 and they hit an ace and then ur broke or out of the tournament
donks get rewarded remember that :)
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Posted on Dec 28th 2011
For me KK in most cases, this simple all in!
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