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Posted on May 21st 2010  -  Subject: HANDS FOR GO ALL IN ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
there are many hands that many times we all in without being the least suitable for example 7-7 6-6 jj is true can be hands that give us the victory but if we have the advantage in those hands a table most times we lead to the loss of our capital so to be an unsafe not to lose should go all in with good hands for example k kk qq qa qa often a shaky hand is good too but it depends also on you and your ability to know which hands to go and which is not what your opinion of the subject good day and good life for all. :)
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Posted on May 22nd 2010
you didn't mention 2-7 offsuit... xD
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Posted on May 22nd 2010  -  Subject: great advice
great advice thanks
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Posted on Jun 13th 2010
There is just 3 hands to go all in,before you got to know other players at the table. A-A, A-K, and K-K. Those are the hands that will keep you good odds of winnig no matter what the others have. On the other hand,if you read the table right,you can win blinds and small raises with all in bets,eaven with 2-7 off suit.
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Posted on Jun 19th 2010
It depends a lot of things. CG or MTT or SnG? Blinds? Position? Other player's stack at table? You can't define it as a simple way: JJ allin. I think there are just 3 hands what you can go allin from any position from any time (if situaion needs, but usually with these hands u earn more chips or money if u play it) AA, AK, KK, other hands depends at your position.  If you want I can write here which position which moves needs and which level of blinds (mtt, sng).
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Posted on Jul 5th 2010
I'm not sure that there is a hard and fast set of  Hands to Go All-In with. Basically the two main reasons for going all in are either 1. You have the nuts 2. You don't want a call And it also depends on the size of your stack -i.e. whether you are a threat or not. If you are up against the chip leader and you are a small stack, they are probably going to call your allin with pretty much anything. If on the other hand you are the chip leader and you have a solid hand, going all in isn't really what you want because you want people to play against you ... So the most common answer to every single poker question out there is ... IT DEPENDS.
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Posted on Sep 11th 2010  -  Subject: the point?
you didn't mention 2-7 offsuit... xDNice comment friend lol, it's very uncomplete. what is his point?....
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Posted on Sep 19th 2010  -  Subject: f
Hi, for me the only hands to go all in in any situation are AA and KK.. too many looses with AK against any pair.  
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Posted on Oct 14th 2010  -  Subject: AA
Hi AA is a good hand to go all in. Is there somebody who usually do not go all in with AA? If yes, can you say some reasons. Thanks.
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