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Posted on Feb 8th 2008
At the tournaments with only 50 100 players I think that is like playng at money tables becouse the pot is huge and many wantit low players seems to be good, but huge pots dont. especially in tournament modes, high blinds are dangerous. it forces u to make all in. otherwise u cant continue to end of the tournament.This is the reason I play for so many poker forums.  50-150 players....better play ....don't take 4 hrs for 50 cnts...LOL
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Posted on Feb 11th 2008
i like freerolls from PI ;)
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Posted on Feb 17th 2008  -  Subject: $100 freerolls
Hi, $100 & $50 freerolls are not worth it, you play for 3 to 4 hours to get beat by some idiot going all in with 2 9 off suit, and wins with three 2s on the turn and river, and then you end up with 10 cents,Sorry to be negotive, but its true,Felichi68
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Posted on Mar 8th 2008
Yeah don't bother playing unless you just want 5 minutes of fun. 1000 people for a prize of $50 or $100. our up against it mate.
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Posted on Mar 9th 2008
freerolls are designed to hook new players and you should play them like you would any other tournament be patient and play only the good hands the only difference is be prepared for more bad beats as it is free to get in many people veiw it as not thier money so play differrently this not only rins the game for others but also ruins thier own game  as they hit a few bad beats and then try the same in the real tourney they play in
sry bout dinner but i won 20 in the tourney
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