Bluffing a dead pot

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Posted on Oct 15th 2006
I would agree with you gys on this. There is no point on bluffing. If you check it down with everyone your hand can still win and if you are against radom cards he might have already hit and would have a better hand then you. You have lost the oportunity to eliminate a player
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Posted on Oct 16th 2006  -  Subject: side pot bluff
this has to be my worst pet peaves of all in tournament poker when someone bluffs at a pot when a player is all in. Anyone who does this obviously has no poker knowledge.
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Posted on Oct 16th 2006
this has to be my worst pet peaves of all in tournament poker when someone bluffs at a pot when a player is all in. Anyone who does this obviously has no poker knowledge. I don't totally agree with that. Tourney I was in last night (just a $10 SnG), there was an all in for about 90, with the blinds at 200/400 and 5 players remaining, I called pre-flop, with position, a big chip,lead and precious little else, SB called, BB checked. Flop was ugly, no high cards, no straight or flush draws, just plain ugly. SB and BB both checked, I bet the pot and they both folded. I was soundly beaten by the all-in who had pocket jacks, however, I still made 500+ chips. Where it is wrong is when you are bluffing into an EMPTY side pot.
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Posted on Oct 17th 2006
I do it all the time !
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Posted on Oct 17th 2006
I think that's a bad move, and I don't see why do it...
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Posted on Oct 17th 2006
Sometimes no matter what you do, you can not win against a sitout. But when there is a small or dead side pot you want to put those chips in your stack to help you later. A few chips is better than none at all. The point of the game is to win the game, not just make the money but win. That means every last chip has to be in your stack.
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Posted on Oct 17th 2006
I tend to agree with that. I do however see the argument for "fold equity" and the set up. Looking like an arse on one hand can make you look like a hero on another. The only time I really support "implied collusion" or checking down the dry side pot is when it's the later stages of an MTT and either you are one or 2 players away from the bubble for the pay-outs or it's an elimination qualifier where all players 1-25 for example win the same prize. Other than that I guess it's just play the hand as you normally would. Most people on-line don't bother to observe how others play a hand, watch their chip position, and/or use common sense. Exactly my thoughts..and as I posted earlier there is time I will bluff at a dead pot and that is for the setup. Here's an example, I was in tourney a couple a of nights back. It was around the middle stages: The short stack at the went all-in for $500, the blinds were at 100/200, the guy directly to my right called as did I. We both checked flop and turn, he checked the river and bet out about 1/3 the pot he called, and won with top two pair, I made a point of showing I had nothing. Now awhile later the blinds are 200/400 and the current short stack goes all-in for $1200 again the guy to my right calls as do I. The flop comes AKK, we check, turn come Q, again both check, river is a rag, he checks I fire out a pot sized bet and this time he goes all-in, I call and he shows KQ, while I show AA leaving him with approx 1000 in chips. That is the exact reason I may bluff at a dead pot..It's not something I do regularly, but this situation shows to me at least why occasionally you should look like an arse..JMHO
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Posted on Oct 17th 2006
That's pretty much what I was talking about. As for the sitout you can pretty much just disregard their hand as if it weren't even in play. You might be best served to raise your hand more preflop than your standard preflop raise to insure you are showing your intended hand strength. That would also create a juicy side pot which should in your approach to the hand be considered the main pot. If you get 3 callers to your raise, then you will still have action for the hand. Even if the bluff is successfull and you still lose to the all in sitout, you will still have earned 5 to 6 bbs for a well played hand.
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Posted on Nov 3rd 2006
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Posted on Nov 3rd 2006
I find it bad etiquette to bet into a side pot with no hand, why try and bluff a 2-3 way side pot without a hand? I do not respect a player who try's to steal a side pot because it is not only also gives the person who was all in a chance to take the main pot. Now, if I hit a flop after someone was all in and there was a side pot, I would concider betting. It is not bad etiquette to bet with a hand to take a side pot...common sense. It is just plain disrespectful to bet into a side pot with no hand, it doesn't help you that much...and yes, it makes you look like a poor player.
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Posted on Dec 28th 2006
i've got 2 agree
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Posted on Dec 30th 2006
the nasty thing is that you might be saving the sitout by doing this...
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Posted on Jan 4th 2007
Interesting post.
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Posted on Jan 6th 2007
you bluff a dead pot on my table and get ready to get reamed cuz im a coming for you how stupid can you be serious my god.
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