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Posted on Jan 25th 2007  -  Subject: sometimes crazy bets win
Even i got sometimes a good "vibe" with a so called fold hand like a K-5 or J-9 i even go all-in with bulldropping cards like that just becouse i believe its my turn to win :-) and guess what it works also (sometimes all about timing) and don't forget the oldest trick the BLUFF hehe good luck all
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Posted on Jun 16th 2008
It happens all the time, 10 7 bust your QQ, u loose with AA vs A2 and list goes on i guess thats poker to  
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Posted on Jun 19th 2008
we all get badbeats,we all suckout at sometime or another,ive come to accept thats its just part of online poker.
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Posted on Jun 25th 2008
Yes, getting your AA or KK cracked like that is just lame but Hey, you made the correct decision and that's what poker is all about.
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Posted on Jul 2nd 2008
You will crush them 95% of the time, uve just snagged the unlucky 5%
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Posted on Jul 3rd 2008
i know this is hard but to win big you have learn when to lay big hands down because they dont always win and like you say you get an idiot beating you with luck when you have played so well so learn to lay big hands down at crucial times and reap the rewards !!!
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Posted on Jul 3rd 2008
AA vs. 72o is about 89%-11% so it will happen about 1 out of 10 times that 72o beats AA. So bad beats seem to happen all the time online, but not only to you... I've cracked aces once with T9 by going all-in preflop - I got two pair =)
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Posted on Jul 4th 2008
I HAD AA other player 45 and goes in all in..........what can i do? I go in all in and the flop is 367...........ty donkey GL AT THE TABLE Roberto
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