88 on the BB, 14000 in chips, blinds 1000/2000, 25 players left, 10 first payed

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Posted on Feb 26th 2008  -  Subject: 88 on the BB, 14000 in chips, blinds 1000/2000, 25 players l
I was busted out of a 7$ tournament and I do not know if what I did was a good play or a big donk move :I have 14000 in chips, blinds 1000/2000, 25 players left, 10 first payed, 88 on the BB, the cutoff (30000+ chips) min raise at 4000 chips, the SB (25000+ chips) calls, action to me, I decided to go all-in with my 14000, so 10000 more.¬†Is it a good play ?¬†They both called me, the pot was 44000 chips, they¬† checked the flop, an Ace come on the turn, the SB had AJ, and I was out¬† .....¬†Was it best to fold, and wait a little more with only 11000 chips ?¬†  
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Posted on Feb 27th 2008
Tough spot to be in. With the SB calling the min raise, I would just be flat calling here. You can assume that the min raiser has a two big cards, or a small pair and is looking to build a pot for value. The SB likes his cards, but they aren't good enough to raise, so he would rather see a flop for cheap. You would assume that they would fold to a raise given these circumstances, but since no cards have hit the flop, if one player calls, the other is likely to come along as well. In addition to that, a 10K raise is not that big a deal, when the blinds are 1 / 2 K . Since running through the blinds does not cripple you, I would be calling the flop and looking for an 8, or something low. If no big cards hit the flop, I would be pushing and trying to take it down right there. If a big card does hit, then I can safely fold, and still have 10K left in chips for a push either out of the SB into the BB to steal, or 9K after the blinds for a final push with a decent draw. The 88 does seem quite powerful, but with a min raise and a limper coming into the pot, it is unlikely that you will get a fold you are looking for, or take down the pot before the flop. If you do limp into the pot, a 10K bet into a 12K pot is quite substantial and doesnt' really provide an odds for players to call, but calling a shortie before the flop comes holds better promise in some players eyes since there are still 5 cards to come out.
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Posted on Mar 22nd 2008
Good reply by Dingus. I think I would have folded because of the caller, I would not expect both to fold to my reraise.
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Posted on Mar 23rd 2008
i think call is best 11000 is enough to make another roundand hope for a better hand if only the small blind called mabee push only up against 1 then but in this sittuation chance of 2 callers your odds of 8s holding up against probably a minimum of 4 overcards with possible str8 and flush outs as well are not good
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Posted on Mar 31st 2008
Dingus said it all  nice repley .
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Posted on Apr 13th 2008  -  Subject: re: 88 on the BB
In your situation it was probably better to fold. With an 88 in the final stages of a tournament, you want to go to the flop with max. one other player,  In your case, it was suicide to go all-inn with an 88 against 2 opponents (with more chips then you!) who are not likely going to fold the hand they have just raised. Unless you're convinced, that the flop brings you a third 8 witch is a very small chance, you are better of folding...
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Posted on Apr 13th 2008
I think i would just call then push depending on the flop since they are not gonna fold because they get great pot odds preflop
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