5 minute level changes

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Posted on May 5th 2007
wow that is a crazy turbo. how did you do
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Posted on Jun 4th 2007
If the blinds increase too fast, then I don't like them and it's not a proper tournament. Too much luck involved when players are putting a lot of their chips into the blinds and become pot committed.
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Posted on Jun 16th 2007
Abs is right, that's not poker if you have to be lucky to win...or you have to play weak hands.
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Posted on Jun 23rd 2007
those blind increases are fast, but don't forget that it's internet poker so you get to play a lot more hands anyway! second of all, it's a freeroll, you i'll forgive CDpoker for not dedicating too much time to it...
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Posted on Dec 14th 2007
the "turbo" tournaments are so hard why the action is ever... but are very good for win so fast
that's poker
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Posted on Jan 24th 2008
hello all, i played in another freeroll last night where the level change was every 5 minutes,reallt enjoyed it and the sitouts didnt last too long, aye they were still there but they were gone real quick and the tourney seemed to be more exciting, this was on CD,i know ive mentioned it before but now im asking the PI team, why doesnt PI get these 5 minute level changes on cd? ps.im still getting that "topoc title cant be empty" error message,lolI agree with that...that the registration period should be closer to the tournament
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Posted on Jan 28th 2008
NO no no...............no 5 min levels......it doesn't give you time to think because you have to build your chips so fast
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Posted on Mar 24th 2008
algdak - you realy should read what the posts say, rather than comment on what you think they say.  I did not say that skill was about waiting for good cards. My point was that the faster the blinds go up the less time there is for any edge you may have to influence the game. Of course luck comes into poker, but I can not agree that it plays a bigger part than skill - if you really think that you may as well be playing blackjack.
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Posted on Mar 30th 2008
Less skill but more fun I think   
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Posted on Mar 31st 2008
Iagree with absratto ,policy at absoulute  makes sense after 1st level.all sitouts removed  and with buying in should be able to sitout Also 5 min blinds create very aggressive play (free for all)
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Posted on Apr 1st 2008
Example: stack: 1500¬†blinds: 10/20 ; 15/30¬†in this case, you should call, blinds, trying to get a nice flop, but when the blinds are up to 100/200 ; 150/300and your stack is lower than 5k, you should only RAISE! (NOT CALL!), when you have a nice hand, you should also try to steal the blinds from your oponnents, but be carefull, dont do this if you are to short!   
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Posted on Apr 5th 2008
quicker blinds less skill simple as that. ie bigger variance of pro's reaching advanced stages. whats the problem with taking their dead money when the sitters are there? may save you'rs kk from aces nut no one complains? shorter reg is good idea but only do so much    dudududu nakamura dudududu
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Posted on Apr 5th 2008  -  Subject: turbo freerols
I'm a big fan of fast freerols! It doesn't really solve the many sit outs in freerols, that is caused by a long  registration time. All freerols should be 5 min or les, because there is nothing worse then playing for hours in a freeroll and finish with a few cents!
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Posted on Apr 6th 2008
About sitout: I agree the policy of AbsolutePoker, after the 1st level all sitouts are removed from the tourney!!!!! Simple. GL AT THE TABLE For freerolls I agree with this rule, but for tournaments with buy-in no way, I have the right to come a little late. at AP they only remove you from frerolls not buy ins if betmost could do the same it would be ideal also moving re time to within a few hours of tourny will help too it wont eliminate them but will greatly reduce them  another possibility would be changing the pw i wonder how many people are really from PI and how many got the pw from someone else this is why most forums change thier pw weekly
sry bout dinner but i won 20 in the tourney
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