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Posted on Jul 24th 2009  -  Subject: thanks pokerinsider
hey everyone i would just like to say that pokerinside makes playing @ betmost heaps cool all the freerolls you have are a great way to make some cash and the poker payback its cool please keep up the good work
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Posted on Nov 11th 2009  -  Subject: 7alex7alex7
Hello everyone . Great Thanks  PI  for start bankroll and freerolls
gens una samus
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Posted on Dec 21st 2009
Still enjoying all P.I has to offer,after almost 4 years,Keep growing and offering us members the best poker deals on the net.I look forward to being  a member for years to come.
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Posted on Mar 26th 2010
I am very happy when I found these pages. I also recommend to my friends. Thank you!
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Posted on Dec 7th 2015
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