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Posted on Aug 10th 2006  -  Subject: Poker Inside - you are really the best !
When I first come to Yours site i was a little skeptical. I play poker not more than couple of months and the only money i recieved from poker rooms was money i won at the poker table, so it was really strange for me that someone wanted to give me sponsorship money for free for my active playing. Now, my knowledge is better and i know that no deposit bonus and other free chips bonus is not the only way to get extra chips for playing. I like ( i think we all like ) having extra chips for play so i start looking for other page like you and i find some. After 4 months my membership at PI i can tell to every one ( new and oid ) members of PI: - Your site is the best; - Your site have best refferal program; - You offer best freerolls and other promotional tournaments; - You are most trust in my eye; you are best in... .etc :-) PS. Couple of "other" sites like PI no longer exist. In one i was waiting for 400$ pay out for my refferals and when i went to go on the forum i only saw the messege: "this board was close" :-) Best Regards and i wish You many happy clients like me !!!
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Posted on Aug 15th 2006
Thanks for the positive post :) We'll continue to make you a happy member. Make sure you tell all your friends because as we grow the benefits will only get better!
Displaying #1-2 of 2 total posts