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Posted on Jul 15th 2006  -  Subject: I would like to express my appreciation
Hi, this is Chuck, and I have been playing on your site for several months now and I just wanted to express my appreciation for you and your staff. The promos and offerings you send your customers go beyond that of other poker sites. You guys have much more of a personal connection with your customers, and that is something I don't usually find in other poker sites, or even any websites, for that matter. You and your staff continue to astound me with generous emails and offerings, such as the "dinner in vegas" and chip bonuses for CDPoker. I wish all of you the best of luck and success on your site and whatever programs you decide to promote and pursue. Sincerely, Chuck
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Posted on Jul 15th 2006
WOW!! NICE POST!!. ..cheers.jeff
I.. am the BOOM!! in BOOMSHAKALAK!!
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Posted on Jul 27th 2006
Of all the poker sites i play poker on i have win the most on c.d. poker thanks to you pokerinside
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Posted on Jul 29th 2006  -  Subject: Great advantage..
Sponsorship was the thing that got me started with online poker. Previously I only played at the casino to get that human edge. But now I spend countless hours destroying my posture....LOL. Is this a good thing?? I'm enjoying it so it can't be too bad a thing. Still very confused about the rakeback thing. I haven't seen any advantages to me yet.
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Posted on Jul 29th 2006
You've seen no advantage? if you set-up correctly with PI and playing poker the advantages can't do unnoticed. In regards to takeback it has gone due to new rules implied by the IPoker network :( But PI has replaced it with weekly sponsorships that are given out each Friday ;) I just got a nice one that will definately help my BR :) Came second place in one of the player's tourneys a few weeks ago and just didn't win the nice big prize...but oh well maybe in the near future. Atleast, I did win a PI shirt, hat and bumper sticker...which was tight!
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Posted on Aug 3rd 2006  -  Subject: E-mail Support
I have e-mailed Matt P. several times with both questions and concerns, his kindness and promptness for replying to my e-mails was surprising. It made me feel really appreciated, like my business was important and even personal. That type of personability is hard to find. I had some concerns about playing here, and the validity of some of the claims that had been made, but he put my ease to rest and I can definately say I will be trying this site.
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Posted on Aug 4th 2006
Nice see you soon at the tables! peace :)
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