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Posted on Jul 16th 2008  -  Subject: great forum
just want to say what a professional forum you guys got running much information on live events /online bonus,s n stuff ..its fantastic to finally be a part of a decent poker forum :)    paul bennett  aka pokerbrat08
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Posted on Aug 7th 2008
Ya its a pretty good place to pick up some info on the game, maybe get some money and if nothing else, its as good a place as any to rant and let off some steam. By the way nice handle, real original.  Just kidding, welcome and enjoy.  
ciao for now
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Posted on Aug 10th 2008
I.. am the BOOM!! in BOOMSHAKALAK!!
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Posted on Jun 15th 2009
:) the best
alecs ptk
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Posted on Jun 27th 2009
hey good luck
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Posted on Aug 6th 2009
I totally agreeis a great community
Displaying #1-6 of 6 total posts