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Posted on Sep 14th 2007
thats right this place is the greatest :)
Those who chase flushes go home on buses
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Posted on Apr 17th 2008
this place is the greatest 
Let the flop be with you
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Posted on Apr 20th 2008
i like the pokerinside site to. as well as cd poker. been playing in here quite awhile. still debating if i should go over to betmost. but still they'er suppose to be the one and the same.don't know why betmost seems to offer more.
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Posted on Apr 24th 2008  -  Subject: awsome
this site offers the best freerolls thank you PI,moderators
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Posted on May 16th 2008
i love the site, i think they do a great job and keep everything well organized!
Si no eres paciente y esperas la mano correcta para apostar ten seguro que perderas ;)
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Posted on Sep 8th 2008
Great site! Just wish there were a freeroll to fishes too ;)
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Posted on Jan 23rd 2011
I consider that PI is the best, too. Good luck at the tables everyone!
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