CD poker I remain with my money

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Posted on Jun 26th 2006  -  Subject: What?
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Posted on Jun 27th 2006
What do you mean by "extras"? You stated you tried to cashout extras,can u be more specific?
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Posted on Jun 28th 2006
Estoy seguro que hay razones que CDPoker hizo lo que hizo. Es posible que ud. no jugaba suficiente antes de withdraw los fundos. Creo que ud. tiene que tener 500 CDPoints mas o menos. Voy a mandarte un correo electronico para que podemos resolver este problema. Por favor, ud. da cuenta de que no es un problema con PokerInside, pero CDPoker y sus reglas. is it sad that I can understand more of this than the original post...and my Spanish SUCKS. lol :) my thoughts exactly, too bad you already posted that... :P
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Posted on Aug 16th 2006  -  Subject: what the
i do not understand a word of what you are saying
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