Time to shake up the Team Competition?

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Posted on Nov 22nd 2011

Hey buddy, sorry I didn't reply in this topic it might have slipped through. I think its a nice idea (its ideas/suggestions like that that makes things better) I will submit it to my upper management and see what they says.

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Posted on Dec 14th 2011
I was thinking of a way to make the monthly Fantasy a bit more interesting & I think I found a way to do it...    Instead of Fantasy 1 & 2  for the top 10 every month, why not take the Fantasy 1's $500 & make 10 $50 sng type with top 3 getting paid. One sng for each team in the top 10. Now I know some teams will not have 10 players so each sng would have to be set-up with no min players. If a team has only one player, well they get both the $50 & the ticket for the final (if you can finish in the top 10 by yourself, then you deserve it).  The winner from each one would get to play in a $350 sng the next weekend. I also thought it might be possible to have an annual mtt for the top 10 teams if the winners sng was only $250 & the other $100 was pooled for the year to make a $1200 prize pool for this one, but I don't know if this is "do-able", but it could be either based on yearly points or RH's... Didnt write at the time then but i hope this idea go ahead and that is not forgotten!!!
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