Team NoFold'emHold'em seeks 3 active members!

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Posted on Apr 22nd 2014
If you're the only active member on your team, come join The Lancers. We have a spot available and I'm the only active member on my team as well.
It's easier to fish if you're the one casting the reel.
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Posted on Jan 9th 2017  -  Subject: membership team
Hi, I wanna bcome a member in your team. That you're alone i don't care because if we do well more ppl will come to become a member. I wait your reply. niesje3
OEPS.. I'm your huckleberry, thats JUST my game. five hundred.. must be a...peache of a hand....
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Posted on Jan 10th 2017
I quit playing at iPoker when Betmost quit operating and a little while after that I found salvation, peace and freedom in the crucified Savior and Son of God,Lord Jesus Christ, this affecting in me in a way that I no longer have interests in gambling. God bless you all.
friendly advice:don't raise my blinds
Displaying #1-3 of 3 total posts