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Posted on Oct 2nd 2013  -  Subject: Team - ElfclAce
Hello, I am new on this site and i play poker for few i know what i have to do :). in the first day i won 32Nibs...that is good? Because i cannot unterstand alrealdy verry good the system. I believe in it only when i am paid at the final week/month. I also made a team where i am the owner, but i want to make a challenge. Who will come into my team and defeat my scores become the owner. I am alone right now intro it and i guess because of that the raked hands are not ulready updated.... My opinion is that we need a started team with the players that gambling on 0.05/0.10 - 10NL CASH. Someone in? I also can provide for him new abilities to play better...and descuss much more about hands and strategies ;)
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Displaying #1-1 of 1 total posts