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Posted on Sep 4th 2008  -  Subject: team contributions
just started playing a little more seriously again a while back so joined a team and am happy to be playong again . just was looking through some of th other teams out ther and was amazed at how many captains out there ask their members to commit to 1000 rh per week or just to commit to alot of raked hands or get kicked off the team yet they are playing very little themselves i dont see a problem with asking for a commitment from your members if you are contributing too but to ask for a free ride just cause u put together a team of active players is a joke so if your going to ask for a commitment from your players you should be commiting to playing as well if your going to be captain like on any other team game you should put in more effort than all others on your team just my opinion
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Posted on Sep 4th 2008
I agree with you cplbear. But every Team member who is unhappy with his/her Team can simply leave. So it's no big deal. If you are looking for active Team Captains, Team Gamblers 3000 is the right place for you! ;)
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Displaying #1-2 of 2 total posts