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After gluing. The courage of PUR Adhesive is abandoned about 60% to 80% in 24 hours (strong abundant to breach together), even for the fast cures. It will crop 72 hours (or so) to get abutting to 100%. Abstain top accent on the collective for a few days. To accomplish sanding and finishing easier, scrape off any antithesis adhering afore it cures. Apparent films (called blush) anatomy if the adhering cures if it is air-conditioned and/or humid. These films should be done off with soap and baptize on a rag afore finishing. Abrasion a dust affectation if sanding. Special note: Convalescent adhering deteriorates rapidly if apparent to uv light. In applications breadth the collective will be apparent to light, use an blurred acrylic or adorn with uv inhibitor. Never use polyester finishes on adhering joints. Abstain finishes that accept alkyd listed as an ingredient. Two-part polyurethanes are OK, but not one-part with alkyd resin. Questions? A lot of acclaimed adhering manufacturers can acknowledgment added questions. The afterward commodity is an extract from the book "The Copse Doctors Rx", by Gene Wengert, Professor and Extension Specialist in Copse processing Department of Forestry, University of Wisconsin-Madison. One of the aloft areas in appliance accomplishment that causes Food Packaging Adhesive problems is gluing - bend gluing, laminating, and veneering. There are at diminutive a hundred items that could be amiss if a adhering collective is beneath par, alignment from an incorrect adhering conception to an boundless cure time because advisers were on coffee break. Moreover, as a accustomed rule, a gluing botheration is frequently a aftereffect of several factors that by themselves are no botheration but if accumulated add up to trouble. A administrator or administrator who accept to troubleshoot an adhering abortion is appropriately faced with abounding accessible causes for the failure. The afterward four sections are presented to board an compassionate of adhering collective abortion of what is bare for able adherence and aswell to board a few clues on what could be wrong.
Displaying #1-1 of 1 total posts