Where are the teams and what does it take to join?

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Posted on Jun 22nd 2006  -  Subject: Where are the teams and what does it take to join?
Is there a place to find registered teams (if they have to register)? Usually, to join any kind of team it takes minimums of some kind, is that the case here? For example is there a min bankroll, available to play at certain times or a minimum number of times a month you play with the team to stay in good standing? If there's a listing of teams, it would probably be a good idea to lisit the 'prerequisites' and rules there. The only thing that concerns me about teams is that with some people (not all) there's the danger of collusion. It would be easy enough to do and next to impossible to prove (they don't have to type in the chat buffer). I'm not saying it's going on now, or it's inevitable if PI promotes teams, just saying I'm concerned at the possibility since teams are being promoted.
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Posted on Jun 23rd 2006
If u see a team u like u would have to apply for the team.
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Displaying #1-2 of 2 total posts