The "EH" Team cracks 2 Millionth RH!

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Posted on Oct 3rd 2011  -  Subject: The "EH" Team cracks 2 Millionth RH!
Well after 3+ years The "EH" Team has put up their 2 millionth raked hand as a team in the PokerInside Fantasy Poker Competition!  This team has had a few players pass through over those years, but we've stayed in the top 10 monthly till last month.  Just a few of The "EH" Team's milestones... 1) #1 overall Raked Hands 2) most raked hands in one month (128,239 Aug. 09) 3) most members of the 100,000 rh club 4) most top 5 appearances 5) most top 10 appearances (as well as most consecutive top 10 appearances) NTB for a bunch of "International" Hosers, EH?!   btw we are also looking for 10th member!
Remember, Mother always knows best!!!!! (lol or at least that's what she always told me;) !)
Displaying #1-1 of 1 total posts