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Posted on Feb 8th 2008  -  Subject: Hi all
I made the team Pot Stealing, so I'm waiting for you to join me. Together we will crash all pots.See you at the tables!!!
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Posted on Mar 22nd 2008
I have started the 'German Poker Division Team' and I'm looking for new members!!Uwe 
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Posted on Mar 26th 2008
i have started a new team called Katalos and need new members, lets have some fun!
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Posted on Apr 4th 2008
I am looking for players to create a French team .
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Posted on Apr 24th 2008  -  Subject: french team
look for french poker in the teams section
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Posted on May 18th 2008  -  Subject: join the new team STRASBOURG
Faisons mieux que le RCS, défendons Strasbourg! Erwin
erwin/ winerwin/ erwiner/ etc...
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Posted on May 31st 2008
alvor team forever
Paulo Pereira
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Posted on Jun 5th 2008  -  Subject: IM TRYING TO BE TEAM OWNER
Hi im trying to be a team owner, MONSTER HANDS ONLY , but no one else is joining the team can you give me some advise please
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Posted on Jun 5th 2008
It's not so easy to find Team members. My advice is you try to join a Team which is already in the Top 50.
Feed the Fish! Not the Sharks!.
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Posted on Oct 13th 2008  -  Subject: that's best
Yeah Pekachu, that's the best way i guess
OEPS! I'm your huckleberry... thats JUST my game! five hundred.. must be a......peache of a hand....
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Posted on Jan 7th 2009  -  Subject: Baltic power
Hello i just made new team, called: Baltic power. If you are from Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia feel free to join
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Posted on Mar 4th 2009
my team is BluFfer and i wait more members !!1
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Posted on Jun 25th 2009  -  Subject: Serbian Team
We will use this Forum to show you where we are on the lookout for team owners. Occasionally we will see an opportunity for a poker team to exist based on geographic location, general interests, or anything else. Anyway, if you fit the mold and share our desire to spread PokerInside to the poker masses, get in touch with us so we can make you the owner of our the team! You will see sticky topics introduced as time goes on for each team we want to build. Of course, if you are interested in being the team owner, we want you to respond on the Forum with why you think you would be good at running the team. We will be reviewing these pages often to select the best team owner we can. We want to build a strong team network on PokerInside, so hopefully we can get some healthy competition here!Hey what about Serbian player, are you interested? my sugestion   Opustencija Raked Hands: 78,132                        Joined Jan 15th 09  
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