Team HOBBITS is BACK - join now and get regular "treats"

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Posted on Nov 9th 2010  -  Subject: Team HOBBITS is BACK - join now and get regular "treats"
Due to a very long and very serious illness, the team I owned (the HOBBITS) has fallen apart gradually.  Now I slowly start playing poker again, and find that my old team, which was a good team (I try to manage it with special "treats" which I provide myself (as team leader) has not found the motivation to continue without me. So folks, unfortunately I have 9 places open that can be instantly refilled.  Interested ? Send me a short e-mail to to apply to become a team member.  Please mention your PI username and tell a little bit about your poker play (what sites mainly, how many hours/week, average buy-in...). If you're a good player who plays a fair deal of hands, you'll get an even fairer deal from your leader Hope to welcome you to my team very soon, as long as you know English, it doesn't matter where you live. Good luck at the felts, The CardDemon aka Paul Peeters (Belgium)  
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Displaying #1-1 of 1 total posts