why do people slow play pocket A A PREFLOP

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Posted on Sep 15th 2008  -  Subject: why do people slow play pocket A A PREFLOP
  why do people slow play pocket A A preflop Ive been playing in cash games for about 3 hours to night and watched so meny poeple slow play pocket A A preflop  then post flop push all in to be beaten by some crap 4 8 odd suit and losse thats your throughts on this   i think slow playing can work for you but it will lead you to lossing alot of money most of the time
If you not willing to lose money how can you axspect to win big
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Posted on Sep 16th 2008
sometimes people slowplay's aces in early position, but i don't like to do it becouse if you're not in a VERY AGRESSIVE table, people will thing lots of times to enter a pot that a early positioned player limps in... but in that agressive tables it works.   Patronlucas
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Posted on Sep 16th 2008
slow play with AA it's the better way to loose......
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Posted on Nov 14th 2008
i only agree slow playng the aces in UTG position, in agressive tables.
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Posted on May 22nd 2009
a a is killer , all in preflop , if you let him make a better hand you'll think you've played bad , it's better to say i had bad luck than to say i played badly
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Posted on Jan 30th 2010
To try and get you to throw your $$ in on a top pair K or Q for example.  It`s not a good move in my opinion. I say raise on AA. Re-Raise if there is a bet and if a bet is raised go all in.
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Posted on Apr 12th 2010
i don't like slowplay preflop but sometimes i do that but sometimes u must fold AA with a bad flop
yeah baby yeah
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Posted on Sep 28th 2010
lol yeah slow playing AA preflop bad idea, you need to bet if u wanna make some money, GOODLUCK
wanna fight?
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Posted on Dec 15th 2010
too much limpers can see flop, bad very bad
river catcher
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