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Posted on Apr 9th 2011  -  Subject: TT
What you do at TT in early position?
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Posted on Apr 22nd 2011
What you do at TT in early position?Everything.... from Fold at early stage at MTT till All inn with M5 at MTT. from limp at SNG till push with smale stake. Next time ask please for what kind of games you like to know :)
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Posted on Nov 5th 2013
I guess what you shared it's pretty basic info for a player that is used to the game but here there are also players new to the game that i'm sure will find it as an interesting read for sure :) so just limping there is the perfect play IMO gl
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Posted on Aug 10th 2015
TT early is OR always, the second u have to do is what the other plarers do and MORE IMPORTANT what are their styles (hud , u know)
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Displaying #1-4 of 4 total posts