Teach me how to play!!!

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Posted on May 23rd 2008  -  Subject: Teach me how to play!!!
Can someone teach me how to play basic strategy in Spades? I understand the game and all the rules, but I have no experience. I'm looking for any help.
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Posted on May 23rd 2008
Did you see the new videos they just posted on the Forums? There are three beginner videos and you can watch them here ... http://pokerinside.com/forums/how-to-play-spades-45/how-to-play-spades-video--660213.html  
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Posted on May 24th 2008
thank you!!! I want to know how to play cutthroat.
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Posted on Jun 5th 2008  -  Subject: :P
YOu can also read a book ! Is better than a video
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Posted on Jun 7th 2008
me too i dont understand the rules
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Posted on Jun 11th 2008
welll there is some post about the rulez you need see whit more details ;)
Si no eres paciente y esperas la mano correcta para apostar ten seguro que perderas ;)
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Posted on Oct 30th 2008
Why? why i always lost on partypoker and Ipoker network? why?   j-j  agains 6-6  lost for a FLUSH on 6-6   why? i always lost with a-k a-q a-t a-j againts2-3 5-6 8-6  9-9?         why???????????///       So Never Play this gamee!
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Posted on Nov 1st 2008
this is a good video to learn how to play thanks
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Posted on Aug 6th 2009  -  Subject: TYH2W
Just play as much as possible :P
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Posted on Aug 18th 2009
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Posted on Aug 29th 2009
u can find basic strategy in google. best way to start play poker well you mus to read articles on strategy and to look video
will se at the tables
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Posted on Dec 2nd 2009
To play better,it's better to play more.
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