Baiting the feild

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Posted on Oct 15th 2008  -  Subject: Baiting the feild
this is a very hard type of pllay do to the fact that it implies the art of being able to look like you are fishing on a long term basis but really the player is pumping the feild with desire to play so oppenets will pay alot of chips to play a very bad hand for the fact that they just wnat to play. now a smart player will know when this is happening and they eill conter act in two ways. one they eill simply leave the table or two they will wait on what is called a monster hand that will beat the entire board. so watch out for players that will scam the tbale to pump up the action or if you are doing the baiting watch for land minds. somtimes they are easy to spot becase if a player has been raising alot then another player gets a monster hand they should reraise this is when the baiter should fold unless they made their hand and i am not talking about just a pair of any cards. also if a player has a monster hand they might just call all the way to the river then try the steal all-in. this is another test to try is check if the opponent bets large thn you should fold unless once again you have a made hand this means large like three of a kind. if you try this then my suggestion is that this is not a technique to be used at a table for long periods of time.
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Posted on Nov 14th 2008
nice tip!
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Posted on Oct 18th 2009  -  Subject: thanks
thanks for information,,,nice tip
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Posted on Jan 30th 2010
I will try your strategy ... see how it works , thanks
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Posted on Feb 3rd 2010
I think it wont work for long term, when oponents will be different
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Posted on Feb 28th 2010
Nice tip...
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Posted on Apr 12th 2010
nice topic ;)
yeah baby yeah
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Posted on Oct 19th 2010
cool good work, thanks for the tip
wanna fight?
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