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Posted on Feb 6th 2007  -  Subject: Tv Best Moments
I just wish that the Tv would show a couple more hours of tournament play. No only the best moments. This would give us a better perspective about the table enviroment and we would not say that mr. so and so hit the flop all the time. I personally don't like Jamie Gold, his style sucks. By the way thanks for the info on Gold, Vaughn.
Leandro Alves.
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Posted on Feb 8th 2007
I agree with Leo. But unfortunately, TV will always edit Poker tourneys. You'll have to wait for the DVD to come out!
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Posted on May 23rd 2007
I heard Jamie Gold got staked by a friend and didn't honor their agreement when he won. If this is true he is a slime ball.
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Posted on May 25th 2007
No comments on Jamie Gold... let just say he's a very lucky player but personally i really don't like him and his play. Agreed!! Although his feat was great he still is and probably allways be a smart ass at the tables and in my opinion he was WAYYY to disrespectful to the other players at the tables and in the room. Some of those guys/gals are legends and he is a smart mouthed wannabe who i admit has great potential and did play the cards he got well but c'mon you gots to admit he go SOOOOOOOOOOO lucky SOOOOOOOOO many times you got to wonder if if the dealers were in his pocket lol
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Posted on May 26th 2007
No comments on Jamie Gold... let just say he's a very lucky player but personally i really don't like him and his play. Me neighter, he play by lucky.. the best player is patrick antonius.
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Posted on Jul 17th 2007
to get that far, he proved he can actually the play the game, but on most big pots shown on espn he got the money in when he was behind and outdrew and won. his table was also very annoying which for him is a good thing as he could force his opponents into making a mistake. i respect the accomplishment, but as a player and a person i do not at all. the standard of his play was again showed when he decided to play on high stakes poker, and tried his table talk and bullying with dolye brunson and co. needless to say he lost a few hundred thousand. another matter that hasnt been raised in this thread, jamie gold made a deal with his friend before the tournament to split whatever winnings 50/50 in return for celebs to enter the event. his friend held his part in the deal and convinced celebs from his agency to play in the event, but as soon as gold got deep in the event he backed out of the deal and tried to keep all the money for himself. unnacceptable behaviour, questions his credentials as a ambassador for the game.
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Posted on Aug 14th 2007
The level of insight and analysis you've shown in your post is incomprehensible. Cheers!
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Posted on Aug 22nd 2007
He plays OKEY but he didn´t play well enough to deserve to be an WSOP-winner. He had his luck. He didn´t play very good as many others. Well, that´s poker!
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Posted on Jan 14th 2008
hewon in 8000 players, of course he deserve it. he might not be the best, not even close in my opinion, but he should be respected. i think is better than moneymaker, no?
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