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Posted on Mar 20th 2008  -  Subject: frenchy
do you speak french ????
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Posted on Mar 26th 2008
The best way to play poker is to act like Jesus but play like the devil.
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Posted on Jun 17th 2008
salut ! Moi chu de quebec , Pis on a un team avec juste des quebecois  .......ben jpense la! Tk c le fun de voir dautre personne qui parle la languew de chez nous lol!   A+
... hum can i have a drink ! huh
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Posted on Aug 13th 2008
salut, oui lol im in paris but still learning so dificult
Si no eres paciente y esperas la mano correcta para apostar ten seguro que perderas ;)
Displaying #1-4 of 4 total posts