First European Poker Place in Romania

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Posted on Oct 3rd 2013  -  Subject: First European Poker Place in Romania
With few days ago was opened the first place totally legal in Romania. Is called PokerFest Club and it was in Bucharest. I heard that in the next year another one from them will be open in my town here too...the second one from my country -Cluj Napoca. It will be verry good to know because now there are only 2 places ( and lots home games...but we dont like it...need too much money ...and is onluy one-two tables) where you can play tournaments ( 5-6 tables). So, be hurry ...Romania's poker players come from behind...dear Negreanu! :))
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Posted on Dec 9th 2013
G'day mates Well it is sunny outside here in Fredericton. But it is very cold in my opinion. I hate both the cold and the snow which follows in its wake. If it was up to me I would never need to see snow again. Would only live in warm places around the world. be cool mates Calmheho 8)
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Posted on Dec 10th 2013

I don't like cold weather at all and here in Canada its freaking cold and snowing in my area. I watched some NFL games this week, Detroit/Philly was crazy, anybody watched it?

Displaying #1-3 of 3 total posts